How to tab to the next MIDI event in the project window?

Anyone know? I’ve just switched over from Pro Tools but I can’t figure out how to do this in Cubase. It makes MIDI editing much easier. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Default is arrow right. Look in the Key Commands dialog under Navigation for all those commands.

Steve, arrow right only works in the Key editor it seems. I’m wondering how to do it in the Project window.

Please add a sig with your cubase/system info.

It’s the same command. Make sure you have a selection to begin with.

I’ve added the sig. Sorry, I’ve realised I’ve used the wrong terms in my question. What I’m tying to do is move from note to note in the project window, not events. I’m clearly not use to the Cubase lingo yet! :slight_smile:

Midi notes and controllers are events. Their containers are ‘Parts’

Still. it’s the same command for both. You say you are in the Project window, so does that mean you are using the In-Place editor?

I mean without opening the MIDI In-place editor, like in this screenshot…

I just want to be able to splice up sections of the track, and get my splices exact by tabbing to the start of certain MIDI notes.