How to take audio tracks from one project to another.

Hello there, I have a project with my instrument tracks etc and then I had a different project where I reordered several vocal tracks.

After editing these vocal tracks I’d like to take some of these and use them in my other project. The way I’ve tried to do this is by ‘exporting’ the audiomixdown (of just the track I want) as a mono wave file.
The problem is that when I ‘import’ this audio file in my other project the audio slice looks weird, you can’t see the spikes of the audio and it looks like when you take an audio slice and increase the volume so much you can’t see the edges of the audio spikes, just look like a block. This makes it very difficult for me to edit the audio as I don’t have the normal visual cues of the spikes and if I double click on the audio, I don’t get the editor at the bottom where I can edit the audio, it just looks grayed out.

What is the best way to take my audio track from one project to another??


Exporting as audio and importing should work fine.
How does it sound?
Are you using the batch export option so only the one track is being exported?
Could you screencap the greyed out editor… maybe your export settings.

Alternatively you can move the whole track this way:

but you should probably try to work out what you’re doing wrong with the audio export as you may need it sometime.

It’s also possible that the audio is perfectly fine but the display of the wave file is magnified. On the upper right edge of the Project Window’s Track display there is a small slider that controls the magnification of audio displays.

Yes! that was it, somehow I never knew that slider existed. Thank you!! :smiley:
I’m still having the problem that I don’t seem to be able to edit audio segment in the editor at the bottom. I attached a picture, I’m guessing it’s something very simple but I just don’t know how.

I attached a picture which shows I have an audio segment selected but in the editor at the bottom there is only a grey shilouette and there are no tools like scissors or glue available.

Thank you for the link!, that’s a much better way to do it of course, now I know better.

There are no scissors or glue in the audio/sample editor!

Have you tried opening up both projects and copying / pasting from one project to another? I often do that and it works great. Cuts out all of the exporting hassle.

In the Inspector try clicking on the Editor tab at the bottom. In the pic you are using the Inspector for the top zone & you want to see the Inspector for the lower zone.