How to target Instrument Track in Logical Editor

Hi, I’d really like to target Instrument Tracks in my project - for example, to rename a bunch of tracks in one go by adding a certain prefix - such as “Strings -”.
Is it doable? I’m noticing that we can’t seem to target Instrument tracks… (see screenshot)
Bug? or Steinberg oversight?

I believe Media Type refers to the types of objects on the Track and not the Track itself. So a MIDI Part would be on both Instrument & MIDI Tracks.

The Example Presets that come with Cubase have a whole category for Tracks you should look at.

FYI - this is the Project Logical Editor you are using not the similar Logical Editor.

Instrument Tracks is the same as MIDI. But one thing that’s really missing is Ruler Track. I can’t understand why?

Brilliant! Thank you!