How to tell if a plug-in is 32bit? (Running 8.5)

Hi all,

New to Cubase but very glad to be on board. Used to use an education version in college and recently took the plunge after many years of disappointment with Magix software.

Just built a new PC (Windows 10, Intel I7 6700k, 32gb of RAM) and I’m having some crashing issues which I think are caused by old plug-ins.

While I do have 64 bit versions of some of them, I’d like to be able to remove my 32 bit ones for good, so the whole thing runs smoother, however I can’t tell them apart.

Does anyone have any tips?

Have a look in the Plug-in Manager (Devices menu). There you can see version info and path. It will also allow you to disable them.

If you need to find out if a particular plugin DLL file is 32 or 64 bit then you can use a tool called PE Deconstructor. I use this occasionally (on Win7) because not all companies put the bit size in the dll file name. Install the tool, then to use it, drag your chosen DLL onto the desktop shortcut icon and select the 2nd tab. This will either show ‘Intel 386’ for 32bit or ‘AMD 64’ for 64bit.