How To Tell If Audio Track Is Mono?

How can I tell if an audio track in a project is mono or stereo? I can’t find a “Properties” option for getting this kind of information.

The reason I ask is that I just ran into a head-scratcher that caused me to waste rather a lot of time. I had a bunch of stereo clips in a couple of audio tracks. The clips waveform pictures definitely indicated that the L and R content was significantly different, but no matter what I tried, I got mono output from both my monitors and headphones.

I created two new audio tracks, making certain the new tracks were stereo, moved the clips from the first two tracks to the new ones, and stereo was achieved. My theory is that when I created the original two tracks, they were inadvertently created as mono tracks, not stereo. When I imported audio into them, Cubase (7.5 by the way) offered no warning, placed the audio in the tracks with two channels showing. But the playback was decidedly mono.

Does this scenario seem a likely explanation? If so, would it not be reasonable to expect Cubase to display a warning dialog when you try to do something so obviously contrary to what would be a reasonable action?

Just above track name in the mixer there is a single circle (mono) or two interlocking circles for stereo.

Aha … I always wondered what that infinity sign was all about. :smiley:

Thanks for this. I just never noticed the symbols before - they are also in the main project window track headers.

I retested and Cubase will indeed import a stereo audio file into a mono audio track and offer no warning that you are doing something you may find detrimental. Time for a feature request.