How to tell if track is stereo or mono?

In Cubase 6.5, it always said at the top of the track whether the track was a stereo or a mono track but in Cubase 7 it does not. Does anyone know of a quick way to tell?

there should be two little circles for stereo and one little circle for mono on your track ,if not go to your track control settings and enable the feature… it’s now known as track configuration setting

But there is no way to see in the mixer?

your right ,sorry can’t help not at the daw atm

The single or double circle can be seen above the automation buttons. There is the fader volume value and either a single(mono) or double circle(stereo).

I only see the peak volume and the fader volume value. If the peak value is negative infinity, it does look like two circles, though.

In the project window, the channel configuration can be displayed for audio tracks but NOT for group tracks. What in the world is wrong with this application?

I dont see any mono/stereo status either, dont think it is available as I have seen many posts about it.
The app is pretty much beta atm, live with it or jump boat.

Yeah, because it´s not there…

it’s there

Read the thread again from start - we´re talking about mixconsole, not project window. And in addition to that in general, also about group tracks in the project window.

Sure, no mono/stereo @ mixconsole.Many things messed up in this version.

Also,unless i missed some setting, i can find no panning control @ project window on instrument tracks.

It was there on Cubase 6

hold your finger down on the padshop one channel at the top in the inspector then it opens up the inspector

there is a panner on top in the instrument fader in the channel this end

I’d go one step further and say even where they are is not adequate. They should be in the main bar area on the mixer and in the project window.

There is a panner for the midi channel of the instrument not the audio
It was fine in Cubase 6,i don’t understand why they had to change it.


Damn!!! I did not look too closely. Why could they not use the infinity symbol - it is oo.

That’s what comes from making assumptions.
I think this is a case for revision. Mono / Stereo needs to be explicit on the mixer channels.

Very odd - I am seeing nothing like this.
What I get is below:
stereo indicator.PNG
Definitely no indication of mono or stereo - or any other - status at all in the MixConsole though.
(If you think it is confusing in stereo, try it in surround!!!)

LOL, I cropped that in over there showing where I wish the indicator was.