How to tell what "Sends" are going to a particular track

I’m sure I’ve missed something in my reading and searching but how can I tell what tracks are being sent to a particular track. For example if I have reverb effect track and I’ve sent more then one track send to that reverb, without going through each track or soloing that reverb track, how can I tell what was sent to that reverb track. Same question would apply to sends going to any other group track as well. Hope this makes sense. Thank you!

Mixer view, select sends 1-4 or 5-8 will show you all send destinations in view.

Mixer view with the top routing switched on will show you the input and output routing.

Yes, I see that. What I’m referring to is I send a sax and a piano to the same reverb. On the reverb track I can’t tell what is being sent there unless I solo that track. I want to be able to look at any given track and see what’s being sent to it. Hope that makes sense.