How to tell which VST is using the highest CPU load

I need to figure out which of the various VST inserts in my project are using the most CPU. My project is starting to drop out even when the buffers on the interface are set to the highest.

Is there a way to see which VST is using the most CPU? On Reaper, apparently, its performance meters can display this info. I can’t seem to find a way to make Cubase show this.

Would the latency numbers be an indicator of this kind of thing?


There is no direct way in Cubase to see that. The latency number don’t have any direct correlation to CPU usage.
The best you can do is disable (alt+click) the insert step by step and see if that makes a difference on the performance meter.
Usually, it is not just one plugin though but often long plugin chains on a track.

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Thanks - thought perhaps there was some setting I was missing.

In Reaper and StudioOne, you can see the CPU load of each VST, which would really be helpful. I wish Steinberg would work on more of these cire workflow features rather than some new instrument or other wacky, edge case usable thing,

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100% agree: there are a lot of basics that Steinberg somehow manages to miss in pursuit of… something.