How to Tempo Map in Nuendo 11?

Hello everyone! So I have a school project where the track we’ve been given is not in time with the click, but the performance is actually really good, so we don’t want to audio warp it to conform it to a rigid tempo. Instead, we want to tempo map it. I’m familiar with doing this in Pro Tools, but I’d like to learn how to do it in Nuendo 11. Can anyone point me in the right direction for this? My Google searches are turning up only how-tos for older versions of Cubase. Thanks for any and all help!

There is a beat detection feature in Nuendo under the project drop down menu I think. It’s different than working with beat detective but is very accurate and fast. Maybe search for it on YouTube to see it’s operation.

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Thank you! It’s definitely powerful and fast. The issue I’m having now is that because I have multiple tracks that I wanted tempo mapped instead of just one stereo track, it’s a little tricky to finesse it so that all of the tracks are tempo mapped correctly. I definitely think I’m on the right track (pun intended) though. Thanks again!

Hi Sean,
Choosing a kick or snare track is helpful with multitrack tempo mapping. Once that tempo is established you can select all the other tracks and “embed” the tempo into those tracks. It’s a drop down menu command that escapes me right now. Once you’ve done that all the tracks will respond to tempo track changes as long as all the tracks are in musical mode. It is quite powerful.

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Unfortunately, the tracks I am trying to work with are piano and vocals. A kick and snare would definitely be nice and helpful.

Give it a try. Their Beat Detection software is pretty amazing.

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Got it figured out, thanks again!