How to temporarily disable all VST Instruments?


sorry for my silly question but I did not find a way for the moment (or I did not notice any related information in the manual or forum).

My ultimate aim would be unplug/temporarily disable/turn off all VST Instruments (not inserts or plugins in the Mixer) in one time in order to save the project in that condition avoiding waiting time due to the sound libraries loading process the next session.

Then I should be able to turn-on all of them in one time again and save the project in the original setting.

I would program a key command in case.

Thanks for any suggest! :smiley:

Not sure if this will help, but you can select all the tracks you want to disable at once, right click one of them and select disable track from the menu. Same again when you want to enable them again.

If you have all your VST instruments next to each other in the project window you can select quickly using shift - if not, CTRL click the ones you want to select.

Ah, very nice=)

This is perfect for when you leave your computer on overnight, but do not want the cpu under constant overnight load (causing heat, more fan noise and and and…)

Disabling the tracks with minimal clicks will keep things cool till the next day… =)

cheers and thanks=)