How to temporarily mute midi notes and play free style?

Sometimes after recording some midi on a track, i will want to mute the recorded midi but still be able to play the instrument while the rest of the song is playing but everything i try mutes everything so i cant hear the instrument, is there a way to quickly mute the recorded midi but keep the instrument on so it can still be played without having to create a second instance or track for it?

Thanks in advance.

You could mute all the midi events and or parts on the track.


In the toolbox there’s a tool shaped like an X that mutes/unmutes clips.

Another way is to create another midi track with the same instument as target. Then you just mute the midi track with the events and you can play, record and what not on the new track.

Another option:

With instrument racks you have 2 separate tracks, one midi and one audio… muting midi enables you to play along the instrument with the song.

Could be I mixed up and this goes for instrument tracks… anyways, one of these enables playing the instrument while having muted the part

Hope this helps

You can double click the note lane to enter midi editor, select all midi notes (Ctrl + A) and mute them by pressing Alt + M.


How about Track version?

All you would have to do is click new version and off you go!

Jim B