How to test moduleinfo.json plugin compatibility

Hi, having very recently heard about the new modulesinfo.json feature for declaring compatibiility of a plugin version with other versions of the same plugin, I’ve been trying to test it with the latest beta version of Cubase (12.0.51) but I just can’t get it to work.
I have a project with “Plugin Basic” vst3 loaded. I have created a moduleinfo.json for my “Plugin PRO” version, which declares compatibility with the “Plugin Basic” uid.

But each time I try to replace the “Plugin Basic” with the “Plugin PRO” in my cubase project, cubase does not seem to do anything special and just loads the PRO with a fresh state, without trying load the saved “Basic” state in the “PRO” plugin.
And if I uninstall “Plugin Basic” and load the project, Cubase says that the “Plugin Basic” is missing instead of loading “Plugin PRO”.

Is there some tips to troubleshoot this ? This looks like a very useful feature…

Cubase currently only replaces Plug-ins in projects that are not installed and have a replacement version available. So you have to uninstall the old version first. If this doesn’t work you may have used a wrong UID in the moduleinfo.json? You can test this with the mda-vst plug-ins included in the SDK. There’s a cmake option to switch between different UID’s. You compile it once with the option set, create a project in Cubase, save the project, recompile with option off and restart cubase and reload the project.

Thank you Arne, I wrongly assumed that I could just replace the plugin in the cubase project without uninstalling (that would be an interesting use case, for me, by the way). I will test with mda-vst.