How to tie enharmonic notes? And untie later?

(Q1) I have a score (Liadov Nenie) that ties enharmonic notes but I can’t find a way to do this in Dorico. Is it possible?

(Q2) Also, after two notes are tied, how do you untie them without erasing the measure and re-writing?

  1. To stop Dorico respelling the second note, put the two notes in different voices. Then select both notes and press T.

  2. Select the tied notes and press U (untie).

…and note that you can use U to untie or split any note (even a note that’s currently spelt as a single note, by invoking the caret first, getting it in place and then hitting U.

Wow, pianoleo, I had no idea you could do that! Thanks!


Rob and PianoLeo, thank you both for the great tips!