How to tie over repeat ending?

In Sib***** an unsolved problem over decades: how to tie the note before ending 1 to the first note in ending 2, is there a solution in Dorico?

There’s only a workaround, for now. You can use the new editable note spacing in Engrave mode to create some extra space before the first note in ending 2, then add a Shift-X text item using Bravura Text and copy+paste a suitable glyph. I have used the laissez vibrer symbol from for this purpose before.

Actually, that problem was solved long ago in S**s! (And probably will not take long to achieve in Do!)


You mean a workaround?

Is there already a way to input this without having to work around it in engrave mode as described above?

There’s a much better workaround now that LV ties can be achieved from the properties panel. Add an LV tie then drag it backwards in Engrave mode.

I assume this workaround in Engrave mode will not actually play back the note tie to ending 2?
Is that on the roadmap by any chance?

Unsurprisingly workarounds don’t magically produce correct playback. We certainly plan to support items crossing repeat endings in future, both graphically and in playback, but it’s not something that we’re working on right at this moment.