How to tie


how can I tie notes 2 and 3 on the second system, without turning them into a minim (or half note)?

Seems like a bug. I tried entering 4 quarter notes in 4/4 and tieing the middle two together and Dorico turned it into a half note despite the fact that under notation options I have ‘Split at the half-bar’ selected.

Use the little vise on the left or hotkey O to ‘force duration’ on the notes

Strange that you should have to force it while there’s a setting for just this situation in notation options.

It’s not a bug, but there is a further interaction with the options under ‘Syncopation’: when you have quarter-half-quarter in a bar of 4/4, that’s a short-long-short pattern, and that overrides the options set elsewhere in Notation Options if the options for notating syncopations in a special way are set.

I have not quite understood, what to do.
What are the exact steps to do, if I want to tie these two notes - without them being changed to a minim.

To tie just these two notes, first delete the current minim. Then start note input at the position of the start of the two notes, and hit O to engage Force Durations (the G clamp icon in the toolbox). Hit 6 for crotchet, and type the first pitch, then type T, then type the second pitch. Now switch off Force Durations again (hit O a second time) so that you don’t inadvertently force Dorico’s hand with all of the subsequent rhythms you write.