How to title individual, extracted parts and minor glitch inputting chords

I am able to title the full score, but when I print out or export the individual horn parts, the parts are not titled (only as Untitled Project 1). Second, I was not able to enter the chords of a baritone sax part, yet I was able to enter the chords for a trumpet, trombone, and tenor sax. I had to enter them in using default text. Any suggestions? Thank you!

Probably you changed the “title” by deleting the title token and entering the title by hand.
You have to enter the project title in the project infos (command/ctrl + I) and use the tokens in your layouts (scores/parts)

You shouldn’t enter the chords as default text . There’s a special popover.

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Thank you for your help! I’ll give it a try.

In setup mode you can right click on a player for the options to show or hide the chord symbols for this player.

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There’s some additional subtlety here. Files exported from Dorico (PDFs, audio, whatever) use the file name of the project. When you start a new project from scratch, the placeholder is Untitled Project 1. When you enter a Project Title in the Project Info dialog, that title becomes the new placeholder file name, auto-filled in the eventual Save prompt. However, the two are not linked beyond that point.