How to to turn off a Halion sound engine/zone entirely (to save CPU)

Hi there!

I would like to see the ability to

  • turn off for example the Spectral engine (or any other for that purpose)
  • or select an empty engine

to save CPU when that engine in question is not used.

Some engines are obviously more CPU hungry than others. When I create a Halion program which features the beforementioned Spectral engine (or Granular for that matter), I am able to MUTE this engine, but while muted, the sound is still generated on each Note-on (although not audible) and consumes CPU. So a lot of CPU is used for a muted engine. I would like to have the option to put an ENGINE OFF button on my macro page.

The same would go for Halion Sonic, once this is available in Halion.

Thanks a lot for your attention.

Hi Roger,

You could try the LayerMidiMute parameter. It mutes the midi for the layer and its zones.

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Hi misohoza!

Nice to see you are still in the HALion universe.
I guess what you are suggesting is to do some scripting…
well, there you got me on the wrong foot :slight_smile: ,
as I don´t know a thing about that…

Thanks a lot for your suggestion though!

Happy New Year!



After mis-interpreting misohoza´s suggestion as being related to Halion Script (which it is not), I looked into the Layer parameters list, and just found the LayerMIDIMute, just as predicted by misohoza.

So yes, it can be done on Layer level, which is good enough for me. And yes, it can be easily controlled through the Macro page.


All credit goes to misohoza.

Thanks a lot!