How to toggle various voices in cubase scores so that you can use the arrow buttons

I have a 4 part polyphonic score I am working on and I want to use my arrow keys to scroll through the notes. This works depending on which voice is selected. For example, if I select a note with my mouse in voice 1 I am able to scroll through the notes with my arrow keys only in that voice. However, if I want to now move to voice 2, how can I do this? I can click on the note in voice 2 with my mouse and then use the arrow keys but is there a way to do this without having to move from keyboard to mouse and back to keyboard?

Yes there are ways to do this.
An example:

  1. “Manually”
    Edit>Select None (Key command)
    Insert Voice: x (Key command)
    Then Arrow keys <>

  2. Same procedure using a Macro (then arrow keys)
    (you’ll have to create a macro for each voice)

But know that when you move to another voice for a given staff, the navigation using arrow keys starts from the beginning of the current system (line).

Maybe others have better ideas.

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