How to transfer Dorico e-Licenser registration into the new registration system

I would like to delete the e-Licenser registration I have for Dorico and transfer it to the new activation system. I’m looking for a step-by-step process so I do not make a mistake. I want to throw the eLicenser away once I am done with it.

You might consider keeping the eLicenser even after you switch to the new system, since some HALion add-on instruments may require it and it could come in useful if you ever want to use one of those add-ons before they switch to the new activation system.

Just a thought.

Happy to consider keeping it - not sure what the whole process entails. I am just dumping everything else that was on that e-licenser. I have a ton of VSL Libraries and even an Arturia instrument. Time to leave it behind, of course if you’re telling me that I can only access Halion if I keep the key, maybe I will keep the key in addition to moving it to their new system (whatever that is). Thanks.

Everything (plugs and sound contents) that comes with Dorico 4 or later makes use of the new Steinberg licenser. So if you keep sticking to just that you can in theory ditch the eLicenser. But there may be some sound libraries or plug-ins that you want to use, which don’t have made the transition, yet, to the new Steinberg Licenser and therefore still need the eLicenser to be around.
Over short or long, all Steinberg products will receive an update to use the new license system, so that at some time in the future the eLicenser is truly not needed any more (at least not from Steinberg point of view.)

It maybe doesn’t affect you, but at present Steinberg’s own TGuitar and Electric Bass instruments still need the dongle.

And all the Doricos older that D4, Cubases older that C12, and so on…

TGuitar at least is already available on Steinberg Licensing – I’m not sure about Electric Bass, though. It’s worth checking the Vouchers page at your Steinberg account portal (here) where you will find vouchers to convert eLicenser licenses into Steinberg Licensing licenses as and when existing products are converted across to the new system.

Hi Daniel, I don’t have any vouchers for TGuitar, etc. Is there someone I can contact about this?

Yes, by all means create a ticket with our support team. You can do that from the Steinberg account portal.

Thanks Daniel.