How to transfer eLicense from old machine without USB eLicenser

My old machine has a License for Cubase LE 11
I bought a new PC and bought the upgrade from Cubase 11 LE to Cubase 12 Artist

When I try to activate Cubase 12 - it opens my eLicenser Control Center and says:
“there is no license available which can be upgraded by your upgrade license”

I do not have the USB eLicenser which apparently is needed to transfer the LE 11 license from my old machine to the new one.
Is there any other way to transfer the license ?

Cubase 11LE is there at under my products - but says “not activated” - do I need to activate it on the new machine so as to be able to then do the upgrade ?

Thanks fopr any help - it’s all quite confusing !


First reactivate your Cubase LE license in the MySteinberg account to the new Soft-eLicenser, please.

Great, thanks very much for answering.
I have reactivated LE11 and now applied the upgrade in the eLicenser Control Center

After a refresh of the eLicenser Control Center, it now says my product is activated :slight_smile:

Thanks again - much appreciated