How to transfer entire project to the cloud?

I have a project I’ve been working with on my Desktop PC. How do I transfer this to the cloud so that I can continue working with it on my laptop? Is it as easy as move the project folder to OneDrive?


My projects get automatically moved to OneDrive* each night by a back up program (AOMEI, in my case).

*And a separate physical SSD as well

There’s a Back up Project… option in the file menu. You can make a separate folder for your projects and upload it.

Will Google AOMEI, cheers

Will have a pop. Of course want to make sure it loads up all the VSTs, patches, samples correctly.

I just tried this:

I moved the entire project folder to OneDrive and opened the project by clicking the cpr file.
Works perfect.

The ‘Files On-Demand’ option in OneDrive is Off, so I am working with a local file.

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Well, I just tried. And lots of warnings - Groove Agent can’t find my drum samples. Various audio files “missing”, and VSTs that don’t exist. I can install the plugins easy enough, but what do I do about audio files etc not in the project folder? Is there something I need to change in the options to prevent this issue in future?

See here:

VST instruments and effects has to be installed on both machines and the same goes for any samples or libraries being used by any instrument (such as Groove Agent).

Do you think you might be using some drum samples and audio files in your project you may have imported into a location that is not the project folder? That may cause a problem with their going “missing” when you try to play from OneDrive.

Media > Prepare Archive as @mlindeb linked to above should help with getting any of those are into the project folder.

These may also be helpful:

(I’m not sure why some VST instruments may have gone missing though).

Re: AOMEI, above: It’s just one of many many programs that can backup up computer files. It’s been said that since backup recovery sometimes fails :scream:, data doesn’t truly exist unless it can be found in three separate backup locations. That’s why I have all my projects not just in my music computer, but also in two backup locations (SSD outside my computer, and OneDrive).

Some people would say that’s not good enough … one house fire could take out two of them (music computer and separate SSD)!

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Managed to get everything working, except Groove Agent - prepare Archive didn’t moved those samples into the project folder so they’re still missing. Is there something else I can do here other than manually copy the relevant ones out of my sample library?

Great YouTube links!
My favorite is Musictechtuition (Darren Jones - Author of books for Cubase and Dorico) but I am sure we all know Don Sigalas …
If you try Cubase without Don Sigalas, I’d say “Try again”


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