How to transfer Key Commands from C5 to C6?

I did a fresh install of MacOS on which I installed Cubase 6. On my other hard drive, with MacOS 10.58,I have Cubase 5 installed. I would like to know how do I transfer the Key Commends from Cubase 5 to Cubase 6.
I did save the Key Commands from Cubase 5 and it appears in the list of Key Commands setups in Cubase 5, however I cannot find that file anywhere.


Well I’m on pc but I can locate the file “Key Commands.xml” and copy it to Cubase 6 application folder.
See page 540 of the Cubase 6 pdf manual: where are my settings stored ? for Mac

Well, I can locate the Cubase XML Files like - Cubase Classic key commands.xml, Cubase 5 KeyCommands.xml etc. However I cannot locate the Key Commands file which I made with a specific name.

~/Library/Preferences/Cubase 5/Presets/KeyCommands/

Yeah, I looked there.
Looks like Custom Preset will not work for me, however if I save my Key Commands preset as one of the Built in ones - then I’ll be able to use my custom key commands from C5 in C6. :slight_smile:
Thanks guys for your help!

I cant figure this out…

My C6 presets are BLANK and when I choose the “load” option it only wants to let me select .key files and not .xml.

And I don’t have that Users/*my name/appdata/roaming/ folder ANYWHERE…and I’ve allowed hidden folders to be shown in W7 64

Any ideas?

I have. Do it as follows:

Open C5, save a template for your key commands, name it keycom5 for example.
Open C6, save the current keys under keycom6.
Search the explorer for “keycom5” and for “keycom6”.
The search shows you the folder of these both files.
Copy “keycom5” in the folder where “keycom6” is.
Go to C6 and you can choose from the list: There you will find keycom5.
Save it under a new name and you’re done.

Cheers, Matze!