How to transfer sessions, sample libraries, audio etc to a new external hard drive. Cannot Locate!

I have upgraded to a larger 4tb external hard drive that I have copied all of my sessions, sample libraries, audio etc to, from a smaller 2tb hard drive.

Unfortunately when booting up sessions from the new hard drive cubase can no longer locate the files, and is also taking an extremely long time searching for specific files of any session.

Is there an easier solutions to properly setting my file preferences to my new hard drive so I dont have to manually locate thousands of separate sample library files?

After some searching, I saw something called the Steinberg Library Manager, but thats seems to be only for cubase specific programs like Halion.

Somehow I just cant seem to designate kontakt files for ex to my new hard drive, rather, I’m having to manually locate thousands of files. And even them, it cant seem to properly find them.

Any help or advice would be much appreciated.

If everything worked fine on the old disk, maybe it would be better to copy the entire partition (s) to the new disk?

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I would probably work the other way around: transfer the data to the new drive and then re-name the new drive with the old drives letter.

(Change a drive letter | Microsoft Docs)

Cubase (and Kontakt-etc.) will look for their libraries on a specific drive-it would be easier to rename the new drive than changing all the file locations in the programs.


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You can, if it’s not the Windows C drive. Then it is impossible to rename the drive. I copied the 256 GB (SSD) drive to a 1 TB (SSD) drive with the system Windows, then swapped the drives and everything worked fine. (Cubase, Kontakt and others). The 256 GB partition on the new drive was extended to 1 TB, and the old drive was used for other data. If it’s an external drive, without a system, you can also copy the entire 2TB partition to 4TB instead of copying thousands of files. Then you have to set the same drive letter

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I did that ( at least thats what I thought I was doing by copying one hard drive to another), but maybe I’m confused.

I should have iterated that I’m on a mac.

I did however rename the drive to the same as the old one. Somehow I didnt make a different.

Since then, i’ve just been painstakingly relocating critical libraries etc.

I should have mentioned, but I’m on a mac.

As I mentioned in another comment, I’ve just been going through each library and relocating etc. :frowning: