How to transfer Swing to straight time

hey guys if I may ask

I’ve got a score in swing (lots of triplets) which I’d like to notate in straight time and just add the tempo equation marking at the start of the piece
what is the fastest way to do this (I already have the MIDI file up in Dorico). I guess I could always go back to cubase and quantize to straight time but that would take a lot of time to correct the errors, any better way to work it out with Dorico?

also how to put the swing “dotted” tempo equation at the start of the page? I couldn’t find this simple yet must have function :frowning:

Also, is there a way to quickly transfer a note from the lower staff to the upper one and vice versa on a piano instrument?
because pressing N and M keeps the note connected to its original staff and has absolutely no practical use.
This happens when in several occasions the left hand plays above the MIDI note C and thus it registers in upper staff (split point) so I’d like to quickly fix notes that have gotten to the wrong staff because of this instead of delete rewrite all the time… thanks for helping :slight_smile:

Oh and P.S. I also don’t know how to make note tie from a repeat ending… that is when the 2nd ending for example has a note slurred from before, maybe due to syncopation… currently I use lassiez vibrer tie options from note properties, but this is awkward as I need to go to engrave and adjust it manually… thanks again

I’m afraid that some of these queries don’t have simple answers, Chummy, because there are some things that we still need to work on further.

You probably don’t really want a tempo equation at the start, but rather a swing indication? See this thread.

You can’t easily straighten an imported MIDI file in Dorico, at least not yet. I would recommend straightening in Cubase and then reimporting.

You can use Alt+N and Alt+M to move (rather than cross) a note from one staff to the other.

Ties in a repeat ending require a bit of a workaround at the moment, as well. Please search the forum for lots of other discussions about that.

You can probably get something out of the requantization feature in Dorico, although you’ll need to carefully avoid using it on actual triplets.

Oh the Alt + N/M works great, thanks! will save me a bunch of time for sure… some of the other stuff is pretty rudimentary for a notation software… I managed to get the tempo equation (what you call a swing indication) working by copy + paste from that thread… would love for Dorico to implement it in a menu level just like in Sibelius (seeing as you guys are the same team, Sibelius’ massive bank of Musical symbols, articulations, tempo equations and other misc. signs were great) but at least the most common ones like Swing indication etc. are definitely missing ( alas having to open a previous project and copy paste to a new one )

Ties in repeat, this is also frustrating , I got it to work but again I’d love you guys to prioritize stuff like this which is bread and butter for notating any instrument and is way too common of usage not to be addressed. Thanks again!

They do prioritize it. It’s just that some stuff is prioritized behind other stuff.

Not to mention the fact that Sibelius didn’t get round to implementing ties into second time bars until this year…