How to transform an audio stereo track into a mono one?

Hi steinberger forumers!

The question is in the topic, in fact i’ve recently got audiobus and jamup xt pro. Nice combination with Cubasis by the way!

But the guitar recorded on cubasis using jamup via audiobus is on stereo track. For most of my prupose I just need mono guitar event, so stereo is useless here. Of course i can change the pan track but keeping some sterero event for a mono purpose will take some memory for nothing and i’m using a lot of guitar tracks on my projects.

So I’m wondering if there a way to record only on mono via audiobus, or if I can convert the stereo event into a mono event on cubasis?

Hello! I’m upping this one before it disapears!

Well, i just want to know if there is a simple way to convert an audio stereo track (or an audio event) into a mono one (more details on the previous reply)?

If i’m having a look at the numerous replies (kiding!), i could imagine 1)that’s not a big issue for most of users 2) maybe they are just no way in cubasis of doing this.

I could manage things like it is,it’s not a big problem, but to convert all my jamup audio event into monos (or to find a way to recording it directly in mono) will probably save a lot of ipad memory.

Sorry Fred, I’ve looked all through the app and can’t see an easy way to convert a stereo track to mono.

Well , thanks a lot for trying. I will live with all my stereo material so!

I would be interested in this as well.

workaraound: if you also have auria, you can just make a mono track, paste the audio there, make a mono mixdown, and audiocopy it back into cubase.

Yes, but i don’t have auria (i used to hesitate between cubasis and auria and finally chosen cubasis, why i’m here of course!).

The issue is to have the same possibility with cubasis. But making some mixdown of each track will take much time anyway. Or put an effect on the audiobus, between jamup and cubasi,s that transforms a stereo signal into a mono (or just take one of the two identic signals)? probably the best solution is having an audio input that can be set on “audiobus -mono” or “audiobus-stereo” in the track inspector.i’ll put it on the future request list. Maybe in an future version?I saw in another post that they were other people interested in this.

Finally, the real quetion is for the good people of steinberg: does a stereo track takes more memory space of the ipad than a mono one? I think yes (twice)?if no, this thread is useless