How to transpose an entire score

Hello, I need a little help.
I have quite a complex score with a couple of flows and a romantic orchestra setup.
I was asked to provide a version, where the complete score is transposed down a half tone (for a piano player to sight read…).
My first step was to duplicate the Full Score Layout.
Now I have to make a Transposition Override - but can’t see a way to do it for the entire score in one step. Do I have to walk through each instrument/player?
Any help welcome.

Couldn’t you make a piano reduction part, and then transpose that?

Otherwise, I’d create a duplicate project file, and Write > Transpose the whole thing.

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Thanks Ben, yes a piano reduction would be a good idea. But as this is only a one off - fast requirement, I’ll probably follow your suggestion in copying the whole project file and “messing around” with the copy. Poor piano players, they should probably still train to do this on the fly…

Indeed they should. Only the other day, I was singing in a church where the organ was a quarter tone sharp. I suggested that the organist merely play everything down a quarter tone, but he refused.


you were quite tough on that organist, Ben…
a quarter tone, I guess the organ had split keys

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