How to transpose by a ninth

Using the transpose dialog, I can’t work out how to transpose up a ninth, as required for bass clarinet. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Does this help?

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[OP has changed thread title. Ignore this!..There are 3 bass clarinet options for players if I remember correctly. You have one of those selected? or are you just doing a single stave for output (not using one of those players)?]

You can also transpose with the shift-I popover, e.g. select notes, do shift-I, then type in “t M9” for major 9th.

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What does Shift-I invoke? The Key Commands chart says ‘add instrument to player’. Strange.

Originally it was just for adding intervals and transposing (e.g. shift-I and “3” will add a third to all the selected notes), but you can also use it to invoke the musical manipulation commands (e.g. shift-I and “rot pit” will do Rotate Pitches, or “C=C#” will convert all your Cs to C#s using Map Pitches). It’s quite powerful.


@Richard_Lanyon thanks so much!

But is not therefore the key Commands chart wrong?


No, you’re in the wrong mode. Shift-I adds an instrument in Setup mode. Shift-I launches a popover in Write mode.

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@pianoleo Thanks! Did not spot it as commands are listed in alpha order of definition not keys!


Wow. How could I have worked without the note tools popover until now! :slight_smile:

Good question. It’s certainly one of the most powerful popovers (and probably the most underrated). I mean: it can solve your double-flats or double-sharp issues, invert a series of notes, transpose, etc…


It cannot be stressed enough how powerful that popover is and I feel most people overlook it. The scale functions alone are such immense time savers.
I recommend to get very accustomed to the commands in that popover:


About the original question:

  • The interval calculator on the right makes it easy. Change the second note to D and increase the octave by one.
  • Asking to transpose Bass Clarinet by that interval makes me suspect you may want a part showing a different clef. There are different instruments that do that in Dorico. Did you actually want to change the pitches?

Edit: Now I see you’re getting advice in the other thread.