How to treat Audio Percussion Loops for MediaBay


I have created some percussion audio loops using hit points. I would like to import them in MediaBay with their tempo value as meta data attribute. However, to have them to response perfectly to different project tempos, what should I do please?

I have seen a video that create slices by fine tuning hit points ( say using threshold), selecting all the slices, creating crossfades between slides to fill the gaps between the slides, and finally doing render in-place?

Is the way I should treat the loops?

Now, since I have many of these loops, can I create Macro to do simplify the process?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


For maximum compatibility yes, render-in-place is a solution when the loop is perfectly like you want it.
There are ways to save sliced loops as well (one would be rex-files, Cubase can import them, maybe even save, I’m not sure on that one)

But yes, when you want to be on the safe (and future-proof) side a plain, perfectly cut wave-file will be your friend. I tend to include the original bpm in the name of the wavefile for future reference as well.

Thank you Codex. And no, you cannot export to rex using cubase or GA! I am not sure if the result would be as good as rex2 format when tempo is changed.