How to trigger a macro after recording a track w/o using a key command? Possible?

I am recording via an Apollo interface and every time after recording material to a track I have to raise the gain in Cubase to a level that blends with my mix during playback.

If I raise the level of audio on my audio interface during the record to eliminate the need to do this, then the track is recorded too hot.

So I want to use a macro that will automatically raise of the gain of the recorded material by x number of dB’s immediately on playback of the selected track. Since the tracks are already selected after the recording session, I just need a way to tell Cubase to apply the macro immediately after the recording of the track ends.

Basically, I believe this would technically be to have Cubase trigger the macro after execution of an event as opposed to having to rely on key commands. If this isn’t possible, I think it would be a nice feature request that I’d be happy to submit. :slight_smile:

Is this possible? Does anyone here have a macro they’ve created that doesn’t require a key command to execute it? Could you share what you’ve done to achieve it?



Routing the record enabled tracks to a Group Channel and raising the volume of that Group Channel will achieve the same thing.
I use that all the time to match playback and monitoring levels during recording.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks! I’ll give that a try