How to Trim and Send Partial Score File

Hello. If I would like to just send a portion of my score for review and analysis of a problem how do I trim and save the score to do that? The section I want to send is continuous and I’d like to retain measure numbers if possible. Thanks.

File > Save As … and save it as a separate file.

In the saved-as file, delete any unnecessary players and bars. Keep as many as you want, just make sure it’s clear where people should be looking.

Apply the “Silence” playback template (if the problem isn’t playback-related) to reduce the file size.

Thanks @Lillie_Harris !

@Lillie_Harris may I send you a problem score file privately? There are several spots for which I have not found a solution. I will send descriptions of the problems (mainly condensing problems) as well. These snags are the very last things holding up finishing and delivering this score. Thanks.

Not right now, I’m afraid, I’ve neglected a few of my own things long enough today!

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@Lillie_Harris believe me, I understand! When might be a convenient day?