how to turn midi from external inst. into audio in cubase 8

Hello all, I’m new.I just recorded a midi tracks I would like to convert them to an audio tracks in my project.I can’t find the procedure here or in the manuals. I don’t know the proper steps to take.Any step by step help is appreciated. I use mofx 8 to play the midi. thanks

Welcome to the forum. FYI, you posted to the wrong sub-forum, this area is for stuff not working right in Cubase. The General forum is the right place for this kind of question.

Basically you’d record this like any other audio, except instead of you physically playing your synth Cubase is doing it via midi. You might want to review the section of the OPs Manual on recording (pg. 223 for C8.5), and check out the videos available through the Hub.

I’m assuming you have things setup so you can hear the external synth playing your midi parts. In general, take the audio out on your synth and cable it to an input on you DAW’s audio interface. Inside of Cubase you use VST Connections to configure Cubase to use the inputs & outputs on your audio interface. If you don’t have your inputs setup inside Cubase see “Setting Up Your System” & “VST Connections” sections of the manual and there are likely some videos on this too. Then you take the input you’ve created in Cubase that corresponds to the physical input on your audio interface where your synth is plugged into and route this to an input on a new audio track. Record enable this track, hit record and your project should playback and record the audio from you external synth.

Initially there is a lot of stuff going on that can be a bit overwhelming. Just take it bit by bit to understand what’s going on.

thank you raino