How to turn Mono programs polyphonic...

I’m pretty annoyed at the fact that I’m unable to add any polyphony to mono layers/programs. :angry:

This feature was available and working properly in Halion Sonic. Allow me to explain:

1)When using Halion Sonic, load up any program/layer with the mono characteristic. I chose “Mod Lead” for example.
2) Enter the edit mode and go to the voice section. It will have the Mono Mode currently on.
3)Click the button and now the once monophonic program/layer will be polyphonic

These steps cannot be done in Halion 4 if the program/layer is mono.

For the “Mod Lead” program as in the earlier example, the Voice manager section is off by default. Turn this section on and you will find that the Mono Mode is already off but the layer/program is still playing in mono. Turning the mono mode on and off again doesnt fix the issue either.

I’m hoping I’ve missed something glaringly obvious as I dont really want to have to load both H4 and Halion Sonic at the same time because of this mishap.

Daniel Ayo

Use the Voice Management of the Layer (VM is already On) instead of the Program (where the VM is Off).

How does one do that for say the “Mod Lead” program?

Ill change the title accordingly

Look here:
Mod Lead.gif
best regards

Thanks ever so much Gerrit. :slight_smile:

With that note I’m going to now sit and read the manual :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, you really ought to get to know the Program Tree. This will explain the basic components of the HALion 4 engine, its operational topology, and what it is capable of. :slight_smile: