how to turn off lanes in the audiopart editor ?

I have a lot of non overlapping audio events and if I select events to parts in CB 5 they land on the same lane in the audio part editor.
But in CB 6 most of the events get their own lane making it impossible to see them because they are too small.
There must be a switch somewhere to turn off lanes in the audio part editor in CB 6 ? - but where ?

Were all these events on the same lane in the audio track before you put them inside the audio Part?
(just to check… dissolve the audio Part, and switch on the Lanes button for that track, see where the actual events end up). If they are on the same lane in the audio track, they should be on the same lane inside the Audio Part Editor.

I lost track - I don’t know what happened.
The file was recorded on a Mac in CB 5 and imported to PC. I have saved it several times both in CB 5 and 6 and it doesn’t do it anymore. The file works fine in both 5 and 6.
I’ll be back if I find out why this happened.
Thank’s for answering :slight_smile: