How to turn on/off FX for separate tracks?

I want to use send effects and turn them on or off on each track individually. I still have not found out how to do this. I am now on the Effets tab and can swipe the tracks up and down. When i am on track 1 and turn on delay, this also turns on the delay on all other tracks.

Need to know about this too

Are you on iOS or Android?

On iOS, tap the Sends tab in the Effects screen, then tap the Green buttons to the left of each send effect to toggle it for this track.
This is what the screen looks like:

On Android, send effects are not yet available. There is a workaround, but it’s quite limited:
To have for example the Delay effect affect tracks 1 and 3 only, enable the “Limit to FX tracks” checkbox in the delay effect. In the track list, enable the blue FX button for tracks 1 and 3.