How to un-indent a staff?

I have, as advised in the forum in other places, begun a new flow in order to not have a cautionary time signature at the end of the preceding staff. However, the first staff of the new flow is indented.

Setting the indentation of the first staff to 0 in Layout Options changes that in all flows. Is there a way to set it to 0 in just this one flow, or is there a way to manually get rid of the indent? I tried Note Spacing, but that only allows me to increase the indent, not to decrease it.

Thanks, as always.

Have you looked at changing the First Page Frame in the Master Pages or using the Default instead of the First page for subsequent flows? Even if all flows use the same master page(s), it might be easier to change the Master Page and then override just the starting page of your composition using a special frame configuration.

Thanks, Derrek—I’ll take a look at that.

I would also suggest that depending on how many times you need to have the ident, maybe you can set it to 0 for all flows, and indent the 1 or 2 that need to be indented.


Hmm, I really should have thought of that — there are only four flows. Thanks!