How to understand the licensing

I wnt to use all my steinberg software on 2 desctop computers… How to do??:

Please explain steinberg license system…:
There are:





Steinberg License based

And then there are these apps:

Steinberg Download Assistant
Steinberg Activation Manager
Steinberg Library Manager

I have 2 desctop computers. I use both, bun not at the same time offcourse.
How du I get all licenses to work on both computers???

It is all so very confusing…

On Steinber licensed products I have:
Cubase Pro 12 Activated on Computer 1
Activated on Computer 2

Groove Agent 5 (Verification Pending)	Activated on Computer 1
							Activated on Computer 2

On USB-eLicenser products I have: Cubase Pro 11 (Upgraded to Cubase 12 with Steinberg Lic
Future PastPerfect - VST Sound Instrument Set
Analog House - VST Sound Instrument Set
Future Electronica - VST Sound Instrument Set
Absolute 3 VST Instrument Collection
HALion Symphonic Orchestra
HALion 5
Basic FX Suite Rev.1
Cubase 4

Install the spftware and activate the licenses.

Your message is not comprehensible. Also, you should note that this is a user forum, not Steinberg Support.

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