How to undo/redo automation?

It seems like if I make any changes to automation then accidentally add/remove automation track the points are lost forever? For example I had a send automation, then accidentally deleted it, then restored it using Undo, but all automation points were gone. I tried going back and forth a number of step but the automation points never appeared.


Could you be more precise, please? Did you delete the FX Channel or the Send Level of the source (Audio) track (what doesn’t remove the automation data) of the Send Level?

It was the send channel (I since re-wrote automation). Strange that I can’t replicate this problem now. I get these strange glitches which only happen once or twice and never happen again. Usually I don’t even bother creating threads about them unless something happens more than once. Kind of mysterious bug.

Had this problem again. Accidentally created a dot on a group track main volume line and dragged it down. It doesn’t show in mix history. Undo doesn’t restore it. I have no idea where the (so painfully selected) level was. I have to redo the volume from scratch.

So dumb and annoying.

Still doesn’t work, confirmed. Changes done to automation can be undone sporadically. Sometimes they can, sometimes not.