How to "unflip"?

Now that we can simply flip stems using the “F” key, a question comes up:
How do I deactivate the manual flipping of things?

I flipped a stem but had to change the note later to another pitch where the custom change was inappopriate. Of course there is always the option to “flip” again, but is there a way to deactivate the manual override alltogether?
In the properties panel there is the differentiation between the overall “I want to change something” switch and the actual new value.
I was searching for a “flip stem” property, but could not find it.

Although this certainly is not bug, it nevertheless seems to me like a breach of well established ways of doing stuff.

I suppose you could use Edit>Reset appearance (or any of the settings alike), that should apply all the default settings to your file (Engraving, Layout and Notation options). But it seems to me that you would loose all other edits…

I actually tried those, Marc.
None of those “Reset x” options restored the default stem direction.

Flipping for many items works by setting the appropriate property for the item(s) accordingly; mostly these properties are called something like Placement or Direction. Flipping stems doesn’t use a property, instead it’s a menu option (Edit>Stem>Force Stem Up/Down). Resetting stem directions is documented here

Thanks, Lillie!
I honestly don’t know how I could overlook this menu item now several times (including verifying my steps with Marcs suggestions).

Is there any good reason from a UI perspective why stem direction can’t be found in the Properties panel?

Yes, there is. Otherwise it would be there.