How to Unfreeze a Group Track

Recently I accidently creeated a Frozen Group Track (Using Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V) and found it impossible to Unfreeze or Delete the Group Track

Can anyone else confirm this (Possibly an unusal Bug?)

  1. Create empty project
  2. Add an audio track (Track 1)
  3. Add/Record some audio (add some insert effects)
  4. Freeze track
  5. Using ‘Mix Console’ ,right click on Track1 and Add A Group Channel To… (the created audio track step 3)
  6. Using ‘Mix Console’ right click on Track1 and select ‘Copy First Selected Channels’ Settings’ Ctrl+C
  7. Using ‘Mix Console’ right click on Group track and ‘Paste Settings From Selected Channels’ Ctrl+V

Note that the Frozen (Snow) icon now appears on the Group Channel and no Inserts can be added/removed
Removing the audio track from the group leaves the Group still frozen.

Their seems no way to Unfreeze this group or delete this group.

Can you delete and re-assign outputs to a new group?

Yes I can remove all Tracks assigned to the group leaving an empty group that is frozen and Undeleteable


Please file an issues report in the Confirmed Issues sub-forum and refer to this thread as necessary.