How To Unfreeze Hidden Frozen Channels

Hi there,I’m trying to flatten my Arranger track parts but Cubase keeps telling me that I cant flatten the parts with frozen channels present but when I search for frozen channels I DONT SEE any.How do I locate my frozen channels
Thank you!.


This is a slightly odd question…if this is your project then surely you remember if you froze any channels and which they were?

Do you know how freezing works and how it is shown? As well as frozen tracks did you check for frozen instruments in the instrument rack??

In 7.0.6 my arranger, tempo and signature tracks were not visible. Project -> Add Track -> Arranger = “This project already contains an arranger track!” Well, fine, show it to me then! Clicking the “find tracks” icon (hourglass) shows the tracks listed and they show up in the Inspector on the left, but there are no track with my actual arranger events visible, etc. The arranger track was there once. I drew three events on it. I unfolded all tracks. Zoomed tracks Full. Still not there. I then noticed that “Toggle track list” makes tracks disappear and searched the manual for that. See “Dividing the track list” on p100 of the Operation Manual. You can click the Divide Track List button in the top right corner of the project window just below the ruler. (Looks like a “/” and says “Divide Track List” if you mouse over it.) Clicking that, then scrolling brought back my missing lanes. Very useful feature for dividing tracks into groups that you can independently zoom! If you have divide active, you can select a lane and click Toggle Track List to move the selected tracks to the other pane. *** If you have one pane sized small, Toggle Track List will seem to make tracks disappear! ***