How to uninstall cubase elements 11 with dongle, as I now have cubase elements 12

I was using Elements AI LE 11, with a usb dongle.
I have now migrated my music to Elements 12.
I would like to remove Elements 11, but i seem to remember that I have to do something special to remove the software using the e-licenser program on my mac.
I don’t want to erase any common preferences from my version 12. Hopefully, if i delete 11 , i will still see all my ratings in halion… and all my VSTs will be visible.
I imagine that both versions use the same folders for common things like preferences… So I don’t just want to go in my FINDER and delete ANYTHING myself
I’m not sure E-liscenser is even relevant if i don’t have a dongle…
And once I remove elements 11 and the dongle, because my Elements 12 was an upgrade, i imagine that I can’t use my elements 11 and dongle on another computer ?