How to Uninstall Cubase on a Mac for a fresh Install

Would like to know how to Uninstall Cubase on a Mac for a fresh Install?


Just move to the trash. To make a factory setup afterwords, delete the Preferences folder too, please.

I have this question too. I need to do a complete uninstall in order to do a clean re-install because I’ve been having issues with Cubase 10.5. I feel like sending the application to the trash is just not enough, do you have any suggestions on how to manage the remaining elements in the Library?

Also I have Dorico installed too, so please how would I go about just uninstalling Cubase without touching the Dorico stuff in the Library Steinberg folder, any suggestions? thank you.


When you trash just the application, your Cubase preferences remains in the system. Corrupted preferences might cause an issue.

You can find it in the -user/Library/Preferences/Cubase xxx. Just delete this folder. On the next Cubase start, you will get Cubase factory settings.

I need to uninstall completely to reinstall cleanly
There is no such folder user/Library/Preferences/Cubase

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On Mac, to open the user Library, open the Finder, click Go menu, hold down the Opt key and select the Library item menu.