How to uninstall Groove agent4 trial and keep GA3

Someone please help me to know how to uninstall Groove agent4 trial, and keep GA SE and GA3 and all files belonging to the earlier versions in my mac system? Are Steinberg offering trial versions just to make it impossble to install them if you own earlier versions, and in this way force the trial version user to buy the full version just to get rid of irritating messages hindering the upstart of Cubase. Why not provide a “uninstall button”?
/ yours fransmo :frowning:

Groove Agent 4 Trial version simply won’t start the activation period. I have spent 1 month waiting for answers from Steinberg and was finally asked to uninstall/reinstall (easy answer) which made no difference.

I am now trying to completely uninstall the program and like the previous post not getting any answers.
I’m in the UK where we no longer have Steinberg local phone support…
thanks for any help, joe