How to UNlink arrange and mixer track selection in Cubase 7

Does anyone know how to unlink the selection of arrange tracks from mixer tracks in Cubase 7 so that you can have one track selected in the arrange window and a different track selected in the Mix Console window?

I want to keep my MIDI track selected in the arrange window but select a separate input or audio track for editing in the Mix Console. I used to be able to do this in Cubase 6.5. But now every time I select a track in the mixer, my MIDI track in the arrange window is no longer selected (and I can no longer play the internal or external instrument that this MIDI track points to).

Is there a new “link” setting of some sort that I am missing and that I can turn off? Please let me know.



Which preference setting? I’ve looked already and didn’t see anything.

Interesting, your request is exactly opposite to that wished by many others i.e. that the two stay in sync. :slight_smile:

The track doesn’t have to be selected to be audible, you just have to turn the monitoring for the track on. If the midi is set up correctly, this too should not impose any problem - the midi data is transceived, oblivious to which track is selected. :wink:

I found the Preference setting:

To stop a MIDI track from loosing focus when muting/soloing/editing, etc. an audio track, select File>Preferences>Editing>Project & Mixer, and then uncheck “Select Channel/Track on Edit Settings.”

If you actually select the audio track (by clicking on the channel strip,) the MIDI track in the Arrange window will still lose focus. But with the “Select Channel/Track on Edit Settings” preference setting unchecked, at least you can click on the volume fader and other channel strip controls (mute, etc.) without the MIDI track losing focus.

Or, if you want MIDI track to play when you are on audio track, just activate the audition button on the MIDI track :slight_smile: The small speaker !!!

If I understand you correctly, this is broken in 7.02 and won’t be fixed until 7.03. Selecting an channel in the Mix Console is linked with selection in the Project Window. In 6.5, they were separateable, but not in C7, yet.

Is that what you were asking?