How to unload bypassed plugins automatically? (cpu load)

Hello there, I would like to know if there’s an option to disable bypassed plugins from the CPU automatically and reload when no longer bypassing. I use alt+click so far but I cannot see immediately which plugins are bypassed and which ones are disabled. I am building a template and I want the plugins on my mix busses to be disabled all the time and since they load immediately and are only loaded once I use them I think I’d prefer it if they’d all be unloaded until I need them.

But I didn’t find an option to unload all bypassed plugins automatically. If anyone knows how to do this I’d really appreciate the info. Thank you


Sorry, what exactly do you want to achieve? You are talking about “disable” plug-in. There is no something like this in Cubase. You can Bypass it or On/Off it. Or do you want to remove it completely, so you would get No Insert at the slot?

Hello thank you for your answer.

I want the plugin to be disabled but ready to be loaded with it’s preset once I click it when I need it. But when you bypass it it still has CPU load.

Hence I want to disable it (unload and recall it).

It’s supposed to be on the channel ready to be loaded. My multiband compressor for example puts quite some heavy load on the cpu. I use delay compensation for those but really I mix every track so why wouldn’t I just press the plugin and load it once I need it, why would it do something on the CPU when it’s bypassed until I’m at this instrument/group in the mixing process.

I hope you understand, I know you can disable plugins from CPU. All I want to know is how to automatically disable / unload them when bypassing so that I don’t have a bunch of them running while I don’t need them.

Thank you


OK, so you want to switch them Off, which is done by Alt + click.

You can see, which plug-in is bypassed and which one is switched off. Please, see the differences in different windows: Project window, Channel Settings Window, MixConsole on the attached screenshots. The background color is different and apart from the MixConsole window, you can also see the Bypass/OnOff button state.


Channel Settings Window:

Project window:

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Okay, thank you that’s what I didn’t notice. Is there an option to switch all bypassed plugins Off?


Unfortunately there is not, sorry.

As per peakae’s post: Does track mute decrease CPU burden?

there’s this:
Vst3 plugins can turn off processing when no audio is feeding them.
There is a preference for that :
Preferences/VST/Plug-ins/Suspend VST 3 plug-in processing when no audio signal are received

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