How to unlock audio tracks - Cubase Elements 7

Hi, I’ve record some music in Cubase 5. Now I’ve purchased Cubase Elements 7 (updated to 7.0.7) and in my old projects there were a few audio tracks locked (with the padlock in inspector). I opened those projects in Cubase Elements 7 and I really don’t know how to unlock those tracks.
There isn’t the padlock icon anywhere and there is no lock/unlock track option in any menu…
I found a way by exporting each track and import it again to new audio track, but there must be an easier way, maybe someone know how to do it ?

Hi moozaw,

you will have to unlock the tracks in Cubase 5 before opening your projects in Cubase Elements. Cubase Elements doesn’t have such an option.


Hi, i’m charlestol. Currently running cubase elements 8, had same problems but have managed to solve it without having to reinstall or revisit cubase pro or earlier versions to solve it.

Step 1: Simply by using windows or mac default file managers, locate the project folder in which u saved your work.

Step 2: You’ll see folders namely; “Image” “Edit” “Audio”, open the “audio” folder and locate the audio file that appeared as locked in your project.
Step 3: Copy the file to any other folder on your PC and rename it to whatever you want (I usually save in a folder on my desktop).

Step 4: Open the project in Cubase Elements (any version), add a mono or stereo audio track (based on the file configuration you’re about to import).

5: Import the renamed tracks and carefully aligne them to the same position the locked wave files are located on your project.

Kabam, Problem solved. Thank me later!