How to unmute output bus without thereby unmuting assigned tracks as well

Hi, I’m referring to Cubase Pro 12 here.


  • Imagine you have multiple tracks routed to the same output bus
  • Mute one of these tracks
  • Let’s assume you did this on purpose and want this track to be kept muted until you (again, on purpose) unmute it
  • Now you mute the output bus, which mutes all assigned tracks as well
  • Unmute the output bus
  • The result is, ALL tracks being unmutet - including the one track that actually was meant to stay silent

Question: Is there a way to decouple the mutes of busses and tracks in order to avoid this annoying behavior?

Hi Wotar,

When I’m facing the scenario you described I’m muting the audio or midi event on the track lane. Press “7” and the cursor changes to an “x”. Clicking on events is muting or unmuting them. Pressing “1” returns the arrow cursor.
I found no way to avoid unmuting everything in a group when the group channel gets unmuted.

Thanks for your reply. You’re right - with group tracks it’s the same issue as with output busses. Is this considered to be a feature?

Your workaround doesn’t apply to me at all, instead I could list a ton of arguments against abusing the event mutes for the purpose to mute a track in the first place.

I think what we need is a mute defeat function, similar to solo defeat.

That were my thoughts when I read the headline of your post!

To me this all looks like a design error (or bug). If I mute an output then that’s what I want muted. If I unmute that output then that is what I want to unmute, not other things.

So rather than a “mute defeat” I think the behavior you guys want should be default standard behavior.

Exactly. Your post reflects my thoughts regarding this issue since I’ve encounterd it years ago.

To have options would be nice though (as always). So…what about holding [alt] while muting/unmuting a group or bus and thus this action being applied to all assigned tracks…? Otherwise the normally expected behavior would occur, which is, just to mute/unmute the group track or bus.

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