How to "unremove" a barline?

In Dorico I can simply select a barline and remove it. I sometimes do this by accident. Usually I can just undo, but it could also be that I have already made several other edits - after removing the barline, but before noticing my error. Is there a way of restoring the barline without using undo?

I know I can select the location where I removed it, and add a single barline from the panel or pop-over. But semantically, this isn’t quite right. I’m not trying to say “there should be a barline right here”. Instead, I want to go back to: “There’s nothing special going on here. Just keep adding barlines according to the time signature.” In practice, these two alternatives have several subtle differences. If there’s a manually added barline, I can’t re-bar my music by changing the time signature. It also interrupts multi-bar rests.

So, is there a way to “unremove” a barline other than using undo?

The best way to “unremove” a barline is to put in the prevailing time signature at the start of the bar prior to the one from which you removed the barline, then remove that redundant time signature after it has had a chance to recreate the missing barline.