How to "untangle" voices ?

I have a score imported via xml, and the melody is “weaved” into the accompaniment, which is playing the same note. I want to have it separated without having the accompaniment note( same as the melody) deleted.
I’ve tried changing the voice to next or previous voice on staff - it changes color as it should but it’s trial and error because there are other voices later in the score. So what I need is a something like “select voice 1 or 2 or 3”.
What is the easiest way to separate the voices ?

Try selecting one of the melody notes by clicking on its stem rather than its notehead, which should avoid selecting the accompaniment note underneath, then use Select More to grow the selection in that voice.

Thank,s Daniel - that works in some places but not all…
I found an easier way:
Select the bars and flip notes - then the voices are separated :smiley: