How to update .cpr default in Win 10

I just upgraded from Cubase 10 to Cubase 11. I want to change the default for .cpr files from 10 to 11. When I try to do this through Settings Cubase 11 is not shown as an option, even after a restart.

What’s the trick?

Right+click on a .cpr file and select “Choose another app”

Then Select Cubase 11 and make sure to check the box to always use that app


When I select “choose another app” Cubase 11 is not listed.

Can you launch Cubase 11 from the Start Menu?

Yes. But when I try to change the default for the .cpr file type Cubase 11 is not presented as an option (it offers me a choice of Cubase 8 9 or 10) Ditto for the other procedure you recommended. It doesn’t give you the option to browse for your app of choice. Cubase 11 works when invoked from the link that was placed on the desktop when it was installed.

Sometimes Windows seems to not want to use the latest version if earlier versions are also installed. Uninstalling the earlier versions seems to resolve this.

That works, thank you.